How can I print or export my entries?

Use monkkee’s print function to print individual or several previously selected entries.

Use monkkee’s export function (under Settings > Export) to download your journal entries as one file and store them as clear text on your computer. The following export formats are available: HTML, PDF, Markdown, JSON and XML.

At the moment, monkkee’s PDF export only supports the first 256 characters of the Unicode character set, i.e. mainly the Latin alphabet. Some special characters (e.g. the € sign) and languages (e.g. Cyrillic, Arabic, etc.) cannot be displayed in PDF format.

If your character set is not supported, but you would still like to create a PDF file of your journal, there is an alternative – the Chrome browser. Follow the steps below to convert your monkkee journal into a PDF file using Chrome:

– Install Chrome, or, if Chrome is already installed on your PC, access your monkkee journal via Chrome.

– Tick the journal entries you would like to export to PDF.

– Click the print symbol. A print window opens.

– Click “Print” again. This will open the print view of Chrome.

– Select the option “Save as PDF”.

– Click “Save”. You have created a PDF file of your journal!

There are further programs such as PDF Creator that allow you to create PDF files directly in your browser.

If you don’t want to export your entire journal but only individual entries, this can be done via monkkee’s print function. Simply tick the entries you wish to export, click the print symbol, copy the content of the print window and paste it into your text processing software.

By the way, monkkee does not have an import function at the moment.