How does the donation notice work?

monkkee lives exclusively from donations. Without donations, monkkee could not be sustained. The costs for servers are constantly growing, because the more people use it, the better the IT infrastructure has to be. The costs for support, maintenance and further development are also increasing.

For this reason, we regularly display a donation notice to our users. But how does the hint work?

Donate to monkkee and deactivate the hint!

If you donate to monkkee, the hint will be deactivated for at least one year.

If you donate more than 30 Euro, the amount will be spread over several years. For example, a donation of 60 Euros will deactivate the hint for two years, a donation of 300 Euros for 10 years and so on.

The frequency of the notice takes into account the type of use

The frequency with which the donation notice is displayed is based on the user's storage load.

For example, if a user saves a lot of pictures, the frequency increases. This goes so far that the donation notice is displayed every time the user logs in.



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